About Dr. Roger Sapp
Dr. Roger W. Sapp was saved in a Youth With A Mission coffeehouse ministry for American soldiers in former West Germany in 1972. For the next twenty years his experience of physical healing was unpredictable, unreliable and mysterious. In 1993, he had a breakthrough that changed his understanding of healing by focusing him on Christ as the perfect example of healing ministry. Since that time approximately 25,000 healings, deliverances, and creative miracles have accompanied his ministry. For more than 15 years he has been equipping other believers to do Christ-like healing.

He is the author of numerous books, booklets and articles. His most popular books are Performing Miracles and Healing, a comprehensive biblical guide to developing a Christ-like supernatural ministry, Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, a shorter book dealing with the doubts that block healing and most recently Paid in Full, a radical series of three books on Christ-centered biblical finances. Many have commented that these books were set them free from legalism and they finally began to see continual blessing in their finances.

His background includes the Eagle Scout award earned in his youth. He has served local churches as an elder, assistant pastor and pastor. He has been an Army Artillery officer, a prison, hospital, troop and pastor chaplain. He honorably retired from the U.S. Army in 1993 and was a theology professor for 5 years until he began to travel in ministry. He holds a Bachelor, a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Many have commented favorably on Dr. Sapp's relaxed style of ministry. In the past twenty years, Dr. Sapp has spoken in more than 300 churches and has been a guest on Christian television and radio programs. Dr. Sapp presently travels full-time in ministry by invitation of local churches and has spent a considerable amount of time traveling internationally.